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Invaluable, Capable Craftsmanship

You have the dream. Now, we'll make it a reality.


For over 15 years Larry Winter Construction has specialized in providing that dream, affordably, for you.

Whether you want simple and elegant office space, high-end luxury suites, or to add solar alternative energy to your existing projects, we can help you build it.

Larry Winter Construction is propelled by an excellent team of construction executives, project managers, superintendents, estimators, field and support staff that adheres to our core value system.

On top of that, our Solar division takes your vision to the next level, guiding your project into additional savings and environmental benefits that everyone can enjoy.

Our Goal


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    Tenant Improvement Builds

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    Site Selection

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    Municipal Approvals Processing

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    Development Management

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    Solar & Alternatives

What else?


Harnessing the sun's energy, you create a simpler, brighter world. With solar, you are taking a stand for alternative energy and the many benefits it can provide. How could such a wonderful thing... be so beneficial to you, financially?

Almost every state sees the importance of the growing role of solar power in your everyday life. That's why most states offer incentives, rebates, and other financial aids to you for taking the step in the right direction. Not only do you begin to save on energy costs for yourself, but you just got a little more help getting there.

Oh, but we have only just begun.

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